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Hi everyone! This is KK. You wanna know something about me? Ok. Good!
I used to sing all the time. And when I say all the time, I mean ALL the time. I was obsessed with Bette Midler, and was determined to be a singer. My big moment came when at our D.A.R.E. graduation, I was asked (or, I happily volunteered) to sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” while the horrible tragedy of drug use was played out before the audience. I had extraordinary confidence at such a young age, despite the red hair and freckles, but for this performance I was NERVOUS. The dramatic skit was supposed to last the entire song, so I figured that at least it would be my companion during my performance. Well, the actors decided the duration of the song was too long and were completely done by the end of the first chorus… darn! I was left to finish out the song with all eyes on me. And during the bridge of the song, the banner started falling off the wall behind me. (Is anyone thinking, ‘That sounds like a scene out of the movie Carrie?) I was doomed from the start. I actually do have video of this but I am not sure how to convert it from VHS. I even bought a TV/VHS player combo from goodwill. Maybe this will be shared in a future post, or maybe not.
To this day my friends swear that I used to sing on the lunch tables. It is funny how legends get started. Nope! It was just the one song, just the one time, and it was not on the lunch table. It is nice to have this Blog to set the record straight. You may be wondering how this applies to my collaborator, the Sara Evans…
Well, it doesn’t. I wanted to share a story about me. But how is this for a segway… Singing wasn’t the talent that God bestowed upon me, but I do know someone who does have that talent.
Sara’s new album, Slow Me Down, is in stores now! In one word… addictive. I “can’t stop” listening. My favorite song at the moment is Sara’s cover of the Gavin DeGraw song “Not Over You”! We recently did a Yahoo Music special and here are the video and pics from the day. Enjoy!


Side note… Billie McClaran, the one singing the part of Mr. Degraw, also has his own band. Oh, one more thing. Here’s a link to Billie’s band’s album. (Be sure to check out Powder Keg, a tune co-written by Billie and my hubby)


I’ll be writing more about the new album in future posts. But suffice it to say that I think (and I hope) you’ll check it out and fall in love with it too. Sara really poured her heart and soul into it, and it really shows! I’m really proud of her, as I always am. : )

PC-yahoo PC-yahoo PC-yahoo PC-yahoo


Album Launch Week!

Thank you all for your support as we launched my new album Slow Me Down! Here is a photo dump of launch week and all it’s splendor.





Oscars 2014 Best Dressed

kate hudson

I think the last time I watched the full Oscar’s show was when Silence of the Lambs was nominated. That is when Billy Crystal hosted them I think. And he was rolled out on a furniture dolly in full Silence of the Lambs regalia.  I am usually good with just watching the red carpet coverage. But this year I was mesmerized by the audience, host and music. I love Ellen’s approach to hosting, I mean ordering pizza. She thinks of everyone’s needs. I truly doubt anyone even ate the pizza, aside from the preggers of the bunch. The selfies were funny and it actually seemed like the audience was having a good time. After seeing Kate Hudson’s dress, I pretty much didn’t care much about anyone else’s gown. By far, Ms. Hudson was the Best Dressed!


I think I have a theme of light colored gowns. Here are the other beauties…


Hope you enjoyed the Oscars as much as I did this year!




Polaroids with Miranda Lambert


Last week was CRS, or Country Radio Seminar week in Nashville, TN. All of country radio comes to Nashville to essentially party with all the Country Singers and their teams, labels, management, etc. It is one big “THANK YOU” to country radio for playing our music. And since Nashville is the home of country music… it can get a bit busy. It is event after event!

I came up to Nashville (from my home in Birmingham) late Tuesday night on the bus. We had a FULL day on Wednesday. I go into hair and makeup at 7am. I want to look my best! Usually what happens is that KK will show up on the bus a little earlier than start time and make me coffee and then gently coax me out of bed. Having to wake 3 kids for school every day entitles me to have this special treatment. Well, this Wednesday was a bit more interesting. First thing I remember is a thump at the bottom of my bed and a raspy moaning (not morning, it was a moaning) voice telling me, “Get up. I have the stomach flu. You are going to have to get yourself ready.” What a way to wake up?!?! This voice then shuffles back down the bus hallway and disappears. I can only assume it was KK, but it is dark. I decide to go check out the situation and make sure I wasn’t dreaming. sure enough, I walk in to see KK collapsed on the couch and her sweet mother is making me coffee. First things first… I grab some coffee and then I go check on KK. My assumptions were correct as she moans on and on about the nausea. Mary (KK’s mom) and I start chit chatting about the misery that KK is in and then I start to get ready. Since KK usually does my hair and makeup, I don’t bring my own stuff, so I have to rumble through her kit to find stuff to do my own makeup. I have to ask her probably a million questions, but she kindly replies, I mean moans, a response. “Which concealer do I use?” “This one”, she moans. It goes on like this for a while. However, I know I am going to need her to color in my eyebrows. I at least try to wait till the last second to have her do it. She just does it so perfectly. I have thinner eyebrows and she makes them lush and symmetrical. She obliges. Poor thing waddles over and does the best job her nausea allows. I try not to show that I can smell last night’s vomiting fiasco on her breath. She finishes and waddles back to the couch. Wait, no, she turns and heads straight to the back bathroom. Horrible sounds fill the bus. I am just hoping she feels a little better after she purges. “Maybe she can do my hair really fast,” I think. When she comes back in, she sheepishly admits to ruining her clothes. I kindly offer her my last night’s jammies, hoping they will be spared the same fate. Fortunately, she does have a spurt of energy after purging so she does my hair (My Hero!). I think that was the fastest she has ever done my hair. She then returns to her couch and moans away. It is funny to me that she still has the strength to veto my picks from wardrobe. But we finally both agree on a blue sweater, jeans and my comfy, hairy Uggs!

Anyway, enough about KK! I will remind the readers at this point I STILL have a full day of visiting with radio, GAC and CMT, and all that without my KK. Wait! We can move on from KK. She goes home to recover. The day ensues and we end the night with a ‘Girls Night Out.’


Marci Braun WUSN Chicago, Liz Sledge RCA
Marci Braun WUSN Chicago, Liz Sledge RCA


Thursday’s schedule is just as busy. I am singing in the studio on the Doobie Brothers’ album. And then more radio, and then in the evening is the Sony Boat Show. Every year, Sony rents the entire General Jackson and invites all of radio for a night of entertainment by all of their artists. We usually set sail and are gone for about 3-4 hours. But this night we have a monsoon coming in so we stay docked! Special things can happen on the Boat show. One year I got to sing with REO Speedwagon and tonight was no different. I got to sing with the Doobie Brothers. I also got to spend time with the very sweet Miranda Lambert.

And all of these other guys!

Chris Young, Blake Shelton, The Swon Brothers, Miranda Lambert
Chris Young, Blake Shelton, The Swon Brothers, Miranda Lambert


Doobie Brothers, Chris Young, Love & Theft, Jerrod Niemann
Doobie Brothers, Chris Young, Love & Theft, Jerrod Niemann


CMT Paul McGuire
CMT Paul McGuire
GAC Suzanne Alexander
GAC Suzanne Alexander


All in all it was a great week. I got to see all my friends at radio and I didn’t get the stomach flu. Thank you Country Radio! And thank you KK.




Heart Day Fashion


Cold Shoulder/Hot Legs

Black dress

Shirt sweater

JK2 red sweater

Issa tunic

Although Valentine’s day is all about the cupids and the hearts and the chocolates and the LOVE! It is also associated with beauty and fashion! Of course it is…You want to look fabulous for your Man! I tend toward a style that fits my body. I am a real woman so I need a “real” style because I have a “real” body. By real though, I don’t mean fat. I have curves, so I embrace them. For a sexy night out with your man I would say to play up your assets. I feel sexy when I show my shoulders or when I show my legs.
A gallery of my style:
Happy Valentine’s Day!

On the Road again…

Today was a good day to share about life on the road.

It is now evening. Sara and I are in the front lounge on the bus, which is the living room/kitchen part. She is laying on the shorter of two couches watching (slightly dozing) Family Feud. I am at the table/booth typing away for the blog with Steve Harvey in the background. He cracks me up. And Milly is sleeping in her bunk, rigged with all sorts of gates and curtains and blankets and pillows. All to keep her IN the bunk and completely SAFE. Children on the road is a completely different post altogether. She will most likely only be sleeping for no more than 20 minutes. She tends to wig out on the road. So, I take this precious time and decide to write. We are in Wabash, IN which is an adorable town in Indiana. Small town America at its finest. It is beautifully sunny with heaps and heaps of snow covering the streets.



I think the last check of the temperature put us at -4* F… so needless to say I left my bikini at home. (Who am I kidding? I brought it just in case) Our show tonight is at the Honeywell Center which is in the historic downtown part of Wabash. We call shows like this “An evening with” kind of show, meaning that Sara is the only performer and hopefully the intimate setting makes the audience feels like they had an evening with her. And with how personable she is, I would say they absolutely will.



Today is the first show of a weekend of shows. Milly, my now 10.5 monther, didn’t sleep well last night…part of her wigging out, no doubt. But I always get a kick of adrenaline at the beginning of a run so I will power through the sleepy part of the day. I’m still in jammies so that makes it a little more difficult. However, coffee time on the road can last a few hours so the caffeine is still racing through my veins. Coffee time and after show time are my favorite times on the road. I like to sip and visit. The middle part of the day is hardest because even though I would like to lay around all day and watch movies… It is quite difficult with a baby. It is best to be active. So, Sara and I decided to be adventurous today and check out this town. I see there is a thrift store about 1 block away. I think the sunny weather has fooled us into thinking it is good walking weather. milly


We wrap Milly up in her stroller with blankets galore and head out. Immediately we regret our decision to walk in negative degree Fahrenheit temps and start jogging only to end up in an all out run. We are forced into the first open door we come to… We thus walk (run, actually) right into Modoc’s Market. Shivering, we start looking around, feigning interest until we warm up a bit to continue on our journey. Well, what do you know, we find the most adorable pillows for Sara’s house.




Elephants are all things Alabama football. We start noticing that they are also all things in Modoc’s Market. Come to find out, when the circus came to town a long time ago, the baby elephant Modoc, escaped and he broke into this market because they were roasting peanuts. They called this 1600 lbs elephant a baby elephant. He ate all their peanuts and continued on his way. Legend has it that he was missing for a while and by the time they found him he had lost 800 pounds. Not to worry, he was back up to his weight just a few short weeks later. Read his full story here!




I love small towns and their stories!


It’s almost time to start the “gettin pretty” process. Feel free to read all about that!




Olivia the Fashionista!

One of the greatest pleasures of having children is watching them grow up and seeing what their interests and hobbies turn into. My son, Avery loves music in every way. He is a gifted drummer. My daughter, Audrey has rhythm and is the best dancer I have ever seen. But, it is my daughter Olivia that will be helping me with the fashion blog. She is a true fashionista. (She is also a truly gifted singer- a Mom has full rights to brag)

She and I both tend to like the same styles. AND she wears my clothes all the time. The other night she was inspired to make some “floor models”! We both follow @rubilove on instagram and the inspiration just hit. Let us know what you think. I think she will most likely be taking over KK’s job very soon!




Superbowl Delicacies

Where is everyone watching the Super Bowl? My family and I are going to a local restaurant in the village to watch the game. However, KK wants to know what you are all having to eat. She only goes for the food, or so she says. So, for her sake I thought I would throw out some recipes for Game Day! I was checking out some recipes online and here is a recipe that sounds yummy-

Baked Brie Bites

photo by Joy the Baker


You will need:

2 sheets puff pastry, thawed but still cold

1/2 wedge of brie (about 4 ounces), cold

1/3 cup cherry jam (or maybe strawberry rhubarb?)

1 large egg, beaten

splash of milk

popsicle sticks

You will do:
Cut the puff pastry into thirds along the creases. Cut each panel into four pieces. They’ll be 2 1/4-inch tall and 3-inches wide. One sheet of puff pastry will yield 12 rectangles. Cut each rectangle in half. You’ll have 24 little rectangles that will create 12 little rectangle pockets.
Combine beaten egg and splash of milk. Brush 12 of the small rectangles with egg wash. If you’d like to make brie bites on sticks, now is the time! Place a popsicle stick halfway up the puff pastry and press in gently. Place a small sliver of brie (rind and all) on top of the egg wash (and stick). Top with about 1/2 teaspoon of cherry jam. Take another square of puff pastry and press between your fingers to make the rectangle slightly bigger. Place puff pastry on top of the cheese and jam. Use a fork to press the edges together. The egg wash will act as glue. Make sure to seal the edges well by crimping with the fork. Prick the top lightly with a fork.

Place a rack in the center of the oven and preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Place prepared brie bites on a parchment lined baking sheet. Brush with egg wash. Bake for 12 to 14 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly before serving.

Brie bites are best served warm, but are also delicious at room temperature.
Makes 24 squares

(Thank you and Joy the Baker for sharing such a yummy snack idea)



Or feel free to go easy and buy a beautiful platter and these three ingredients and smack them on the platter and Voila! You may not have time to go to all that trouble of cutting and pressing and filling so this works in a pinch.

Maybe even put on this awesome platter from West Elm!


However you choose to watch, enjoy the food for KK!




Grammys 2014

I get so excited for red carpets these days that I hardly even watch the actual awards or events. My A.D.D. is kicked into high gear as I start watching the red carpet footage. I am noticing too many things at once and can hardly collect my thoughts. But I’ll try to focus! Let the games begin…

What would I wear, if…?

If I had a gap between my legs(or a booty) I would wear this on the red carpet…                    photo credit


Beyonce looked flawless in this Michael Costello number. She is my pick for Best Dressed at the Grammys! The mesh parts match her skin tone so perfectly you would assume the entire dress is sheer. Notice the gap between her thighs. Sorry, may not be suitable for the young ones, but isn’t that every girl’s dream? She has lost weight and I think I prefer her a little curvier. The negative for me: I just don’t think her hair and makeup stand up to the dress, or even work at all. Her hair is lack luster and a bit harsh. Her makeup is muddy…I would love some definitive brows and some softness to the waves of the hair. However, with a body like that…who is looking at your hair and makeup?


If I were pregnant, on the red carpet I would wear… photo credit


Oh yes! Ciara rocked a bump and an Emilio Pucci gown. I love the neckline. Her hair and makeup are perfect…soft and definitive, just to my liking. I enjoyed her interview. She said this is the sexiest she has ever felt on the red carpet because she isn’t worried about sucking her stomach in. She even said that she had a club sandwich and french fries right before she got there. Yum.


If I were going into battle on the red carpet I would wear… photo credit


Taylor’s Gucci gown was most likely inspired by chainmail armor. Just look at all those little tiny links. And since the red carpet may seem like a battle at times, yes, no, maybe? Taylor, may the odds be ever in your favor. : )

Still, I love the dress so much. I simply love all those shimmering links.

Her hair and makeup compliment the gown very well, although this isn’t my favorite look on her. Taylor’s new sophisticated style is very much to be imitated. Although she was very age appropriate with all the prom dresses before…now she is just plain stylish.


If I wanted to get attention without looking pretty I would wear… photo credit


This Valentino got a lot of buzz… but not for the right reasons. I am sure it has impeccable detail. However, it makes Katy Perry look fat, washed out and sterile. Her hair is too tight. I won’t even mention her performance outfit, because I am afraid of the dark side. I know she likes to have the strangest outfits, but I think she has looked beautiful before. I like some spunk along with some prettiness. I am trying to think of a positive, just in case she wants to be friends. I don’t want all this between us. Um, well, I may like the song that is noted on her dress. I can’t really make it out though.Can you? Does anyone have a clue what song that is? Here’s a positive… I love your eyebrows, Katy! There, we can build on that.


Thank you for joining me for a whirlwind on the red carpet, Grammys 2014!


Until next red carpet,