“A LITTLE slowMEdown TIME” Giveaway

We are very excited to announce our first giveaway on our blog!!! And I must say it’s a fabulous collection of our favorite things. Sing it with me- “these are a few of my favorite things”.

Since it is our first giveaway it needed to be pretty special and meaningful. We could use a little relaxation and we thought maybe y’all could too. This is for all you hard working people out there that could use a BREAK! A little time for yourself to open a bottle of our favorite Leese-Fitch wine, lather up with my favorite scent from kai and put some awesome Bose Freestyle Earbuds in and listen to my CD! (Ahem! I know that’s the best part) You, too, will be in a real fine place! Enjoy!

Much love,

Sara and KK


Hannah Momtana (spelled correctly)

Hello my name is Jet Setter. Have we met?

This week I have taken on a new persona, one that goes from my baby girl’s 10th birthday party to video shoot (pssst..it’s for my new single “Put My Heart Down”) to LA for show and finally a redeye to Orlando, FL, for a weekend at Disney with the kiddos. Oops, was that a run on sentence? I am too tired for punctuation. Although, I will say that one of my favorite pastimes is to peruse Facebook for all the grammatical errors. The lack of punctuation can always put a smile on my face, even when I am jet-lagged!

Here is a sneak peak at the glam for the video shoot! Enjoy!



Hair we are again!

So, it looks like we have been gone a long while from our friends here at the blog! All I can say is that the dog ate our homework, we overslept and we got stuck in a major traffic. We are back now and more chic than ever! Our apologies…
Good bye long locks, Hello short and chic!
Not too short though, “just right” as Goldilocks would say. One of my favorite things is when I hear Sara say the words: “I think I need to change up my hair!” Oh yeah! Let the creativity run free. I wanted something edgy but she still needed a pony tail…. Voilà- “the long bob”, “the medium”, or “the lob”! Whatever you call it…it Rocks!Check out our different looks so far!

Friday Finds- Gladiator Sandals for Kids

You may have all watched the webisode this past Wednesday where I took Audrey with me to the CMT Awards. I took Olivia before so it was Audrey’s turn! Here is the webisode if you haven’t seen it!


Sooo, hopefully you noticed how chic and stylish Audrey looked. If you would like to style your child after mine…check it out!



Gladiator Kids


Thank you StyleBluePrint.com for the blog shout out. I thought you all might enjoy seeing more of the pictures from the album photo shoot! Plus you can read all about what Sara would be doing if she wasn’t such an awesome singer.


Click on this link to read the article!



Friday Finds- Happy July 4th!

Stars & Stripes

Friday Finds


Happy Friday!

We find so many great things in our travels and whimsy that we wanted to share them with y’all! So,we have created Friday Finds to share what we find.

There are many perks to being a “celebrity” and one of them is getting free stuff. I know, I know…it isn’t fair. The ones that can afford it, get it for free, etc. etc. Believe me (this is Kaelin speaking) I have bemoaned this many a time. Let’s take for instance this “Friday Find” we will be sharing with you today. We were contacted by this T-shirt company, FreeYourHeart.com and they wanted to send Sara (yep, just Sara) some tees to try out. So, I picked out the ones she would like and they sent her some. As much as I was like, “Hey! I would love a tee” …um, nada! And then they arrived and I was like: “Hey, these are really cute! And the fabric is dreamy.” (Now I really wanted one) I reluctantly gave them up to their proper giftee, but on the inside I was hoping they would look like CRAP on her. (Sara has always said she isn’t a t-shirt girl) Alas they were adorable…all of them. They have the sweetest little sayings and great colors. What I think I like about the tees most is that the fabric doesn’t fall straight in the front, but rather is a bit clingy in all the right places. They are down right flattering!

Check them out, just click on the picture below.



Here’s to finding more great finds!


Sara and KK


Moving DAY!

Well, today is a bittersweet day. We are moving from the home that Jay and I started our family together. We have been there six years. Our children felt like babies when we moved into this home and now they are definitely teenagers. My, how the time flies! I know I will have to take one last look so you all might as well take it with me!

Goodbye 11 Elm Street! We will miss you but take all the memories with us!




Happy Father’s Day!

I have been married to the man of my dreams for 6 years now! Together we have 7 children! Yes….7

I have 3 kids, a boy 14, and 2 girls 11 & 9. My husband, Jay, has 4 children. 3 boys 15, 14, and 12, and a girl 12. But we see all 7 of them as OURS!

We are a very busy family with 6 of the 7 kids playing sports and they are all involved in extracurricular activities.
I have never known another man who can handle the things Jay handles and juggle everything that he juggles! He can take all 7 kids to dinner and to an Alabama Football game and not bat an eye! He works SO hard for us and is always there for all 7 kids and me! He coaches them, attends their games, supports them in every way. He teaches them about God and His Word. He is strong in discipline, but also so loving and is quick to give praise when it’s deserved. He teaches our boys what it means to be a man, and showers our girls with compliments and protection!
He is truly the best father I’ve ever known.

I hope so many other women are giving the same praise to their hubbies this Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day and God Bless!