Fall Cocktails & Snacks

Some of you have asked recently about my Fall cocktail choices! I hate to break it to you, but Fall cocktails are the same as what I’d normally drink. If I’m going to have a relaxing evening after a long day, once the kids have gone to bed, I’ll usually drink a Titos and Monster. The white can of Monster! It is so refreshing. I’ll usually have one of those and then if Jay and I have enough energy – we’ll stay up catching up on the day and I’ll have a glass of my favorite wine, Leese Fitch cabernet.

I always think that Fall drinks look so yummy but they are full of calories so I try to be good! I’m not a good day drinker either so while everyone is sipping by the pool or at a tailgate, I’m typically drinking ice water with lemon. I know that doesn’t sound too exciting, but I wait until the evening before I’ll make my Titos and Monster 🙂

Sometimes I’ll put out chips and salsa before dinner which is Jay’s FAVORITE! I don’t typically snack while I’m drinking, but have added a few recipes here that I need to try very soon.

Another go to drink of mine is Michelob Ultra. And I’ll have the occasional Blue Moon but I have to be in the mood for it!

I have pinned a few fall drinks on my Pinterest board. If you try them, send me photos! What’s your favorite go-to Fall drink or cocktail?