Be Jeweled!

Today is a perfect day to highlight some jewels. Let’s call it “Thirsting for Jewels Thursday.” Or just simply “That’s awesome Thursday.” Whatever you call it we have some “awesome” “jewels” to share with you!

A few years ago, Katherine, a dear friend of Sara’s and mine introduced us to this line of jewelry from Hyla Dewitt. She has a special way of making the most beautiful, most memorable, stand-out pieces. She mixes a variety of materials to create fabulous earrings, necklaces and bracelets. She started her jewelry collection in college at the University of Alabama. Sara even purchased a necklace from a local boutique in Birmingham, AL, before we even made the connection. And once we saw her whole line, oh my goodness, we were hooked!





Ahhh….they are so amazing!!!! Funny story to go along with this awesome collection. And since this is also #ThrowBackThursday … here we go. At the 2011 CMAs, Sara wears a gorgeous plum David Meister gown and what sets it off as spectacular is the Hyla Dewitt design. It was the perfect match for this gown. It truly made the gown.



So….I send Sara off to the red carpet, completely schooled in what she is wearing. You have to know what you are wearing for the red carpet! I’m like, “Say it with me, David Meister (phonetically: Meeeester) and Hyla (Hi- La) Dewitt jewels….Got it! Good.”

I turn on the TV to watch the red carpet coverage (the ‘help’ is not allowed on the red carpet- Ha!). Sara looks amazing, poised and I am beaming with pride! And then comes her special part, her carefully rehearsed part.

Interviewer: “Sara, you look amazing! Who are you wearing?”

Sara: “Awww, thank you so much. I am wearing a David Meeester gown (I cheer inside like a proud stage mom) and Hyra Ditkam jewels.” (I sob inside like a disappointed stage mom)

Interviewer: “OK, there you have it folks, Sara Evans in a stunning David Meister gown and Hi-mumble Ra-mumble Dit-mumble-kam jewelry.”

I would like to take a second and explain. You see, Sara and I are obsessed with the movie ‘The Proposal’ and you may all know the part where Sandra Bullock sarcastically says, “You live in Sitka, Alaska.” However, she says it like: “Sit-kahhhh, Ahhhh lask ahhhh?” No? Well, go watch it. Anyway… I am thinking since we are always quoting movies that maybe she just had a brain synapse cross connect between those two things, Hyla Dewitt and Sitka, Alaska. Follow me? Or at least that is my excuse for her.

So, I can now use this blog to give a public apology to Hyla Dewitt. Sorry! ( I mean no disrespect to the wonderful city of Sitka, AK, but the mash-up doesn’t work in this case)

Go and check out her jewels at here: