Scarves, Scarves, Scarves…they’re everywhere. AND….they are a great way to look cute when you feel fat. I’m just being honest. It can add pattern, texture and color to any outfit. So, I decided to peruse some of my favorite sites and share my faves with you all! I am sure you are all familiar with Forever 21…you cannot go wrong with accessories at this one stop shop! They are trendy and affordable! And then H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom have great selections as well.

I am loving scarves with metallic embellishments. As you can see in the above picture and hopefully tell that it is a black knit infinity scarf with gold woven throughout. I received it as a gift when I did a show in my hometown (or near my hometown) in Columbia, MO. I love it! Here are some I found online-


A trend this season, no doubt, is the Southwest/Navajo flare like these-

And then you have the flowers and the animal prints. You may recognize the leopard one from KK’s picture in graffiti alley.

Let’s not forget the oh-so-cozy shrug. I love how you can wear the first shrug as a scarf as well.

Don’t you love the military-inspired pins on the middle can add those beauties to anything!

Click on the pictures above to see where I found them…

Go grab a scarf and get cozy!

God Bless,