photo-5-300x300Welcome to A Real Fine Place.  I like to call it a lifestyle blog of Fashion and Whimsy because that pretty much describes my life.  I like to find fun in everything I do and want to bring that philosophy here as well.

My life can be pretty crazy in between recording music, touring, being a wife and mother, and somehow trying to sneak in a few hours of sleep now and then!  But all of that craziness makes for some fun stories, pictures, and I’ll share it all with you here along with my favorite food finds, recipes, fashion favorites, beauty tips and tricks, and whatever comes along that I think you’ll enjoy.

I have some great friends and family surrounding me who might be posting guest blogs from time to time as well.  Thank you for being a fan of my music and now I hope that you’ll become a fan of my blog as well.



Kaelin Evans

Kaelin Evans- Also known as “Honser”, Ma-Ma, and KK. I spend my day juggling a three year old daughter, Milly Jewel, watching HGTV and pinteresting hair and makeup ideas. I live in the little town of Bellevue just outside of Nashville, TN where I was born and raised. I didn’t grow up a country music fan but after marrying into it I have grown quite fond of it. Working with fashion and beauty has been a lifelong dream come true. I credit Sara’s generosity for my start and will be forever grateful to her for her “learning curve”. I'm now ready to take on another goal in life and start a blog with my Boss, friend and sister-in-law, Sara!

Sara Evans

Sara Evans Barker- I'm also known as ‘Baby Doll’, Mama, and that Country Singer. I spend my days watching football games, playing tennis, and cooking for my family of 9, all while trying to look fabulous. I live in the adorable town of Birmingham, AL in and area called Crestline, that reminds me of the fictional town of Mayberry. I grew up on a farm in Missouri and can quote every word of the movies Sweet Dreams and Steel Magnolias. I started singing country and bluegrass music when I was 4 years old in a family band with my brothers... and haven't stopped singing since! I have a strong faith in God and believe if you dream it and chase it then you shall have it! I've now decided to start a blog with KK, my right hand (wo)man, glam squad, sister-in-law, and friend.