Sara Evans

Sara Evans Barker- I'm also known as ‘Baby Doll’, Mama, and that Country Singer. I spend my days watching football games, playing tennis, and cooking for my family of 9, all while trying to look fabulous. I live in the adorable town of Birmingham, AL in and area called Crestline, that reminds me of the fictional town of Mayberry. I grew up on a farm in Missouri and can quote every word of the movies Sweet Dreams and Steel Magnolias. I started singing country and bluegrass music when I was 4 years old in a family band with my brothers... and haven't stopped singing since! I have a strong faith in God and believe if you dream it and chase it then you shall have it! I've now decided to start a blog with KK, my right hand (wo)man, glam squad, sister-in-law, and friend.