I am organizing…

This year over the holiday break, during the calm after the storm, (those five days between New Years Day and Jan 6th when the kids mercifully go back to school) I looked around my not-so-big house and thought, “What just happened”? It was as if a tornado had come to our home, stayed inside from December 20th- January 2nd, then left, leaving us all in a state of shock! I may have even had a little PTSD! Kidding! Sort of…

What I’m trying to say is this…. between us we have seven kids. So when all nine of us are in the house together for 10 DAYS STRAIGHT, not to mention tons of new Christmas clothes, jewelry, basketballs, socks, iPhones and many other gadgets, it can become overwhelming. AND, we have a dog!

So one day we went in and just started cleaning and cleaning and throwing EVERYTHING out! We started in the girls’ room. All three of our girls share a bedroom. It is a big room by normal standards, but with three girls it can get crowded really quickly. We have a beautiful king bed that all three girls share, (sweet huh?) and also a built-in double bed that is off the floor with a big play space underneath. Actually, it’s a storage place for our youngest girl to put her massive collection of stuffed animals. (“Stuffies”) We ended up with four bags of clothes and toys, which we donated to charity! I love these days of cleaning and organizing. It’s not only cleansing for the soul, but it’s such a great way to spend time with my girls! Plus, part of my job as their mother is to teach them how to be great moms and wives. And a big part of that is understanding how to keep a neat, organized, and clean house. Plus, with Jay’s career, my career, and the seven kids, it’s imperative that we are organized in every single way!

While we were cleaning up, we kept talking about how crowded and cluttered their bedroom still was. We kept looking at it saying, “Why does it look so messy all the time?” We started throwing ideas around and finally came to this conclusion: It’s the BED! The bed is just too big and too messy! We did some online shopping for some ideas, and found this beautiful sleep bed from PBTeen.com. We measured and measured and measured some more, just for good measure, and finally decided to try it.


(Pictures of it in their room to come)

This is our thought….the two older girls can share the built-in double bed and the youngest can sleep in the new bed. It will open up the room so much and we may even get a few fuzzy, fluffy bean bags to put on the floor in front of the new bed.
And the great thing is we can keep all of the beautiful bedding that we had specially made, with my decorator, Lisa Flake, from Caldwell-Flake Interiors, which consists of lots of pillows with their names monogrammed on them! Below is a picture of their room now, although you can’t really tell just how big the king bed is…but at least you can see the pillows.



While perusing PBTeen.com, I noticed something that I am very excited about…the collaboration of the Current & Elliott clothing designers and PB Teen. I am already a fan of their jeans, so I, of course, love their decorating style. The collection is eye candy to the max. It is very Alice in Wonderland. I just had to share!


The pieces are spectacular. I love the gold accents and whimsical flare to it all. I would love to have this clothing rack in my own bedroom, it would make fittings so glamorous.