Football Party

Football season is here and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve already hosted several football parties and have had many friends and family over – rooting for Alabama of course!


In our household, Jay is the grill master and loves to grill. He has all of these different ways that he seasons steaks and googles different recipes all the time. He spends an hour seasoning and marinating a day before the party and I work on all of the side dishes! Jay also puts a big YETI cooler outside full of drinks and we set everything up for each person to fill their own plates in a buffet style.

The most popular dish is always the cheese dip! Velveeta with salsa, ground a pound or two of ground beef and then mix with the Velveeta. It is super easy and delicious! (Make more than you think you need, because it will go fast and people tend to eat it for an appetizer, main entree, and even dessert) [link to recipe on pinterest board]

I recently stumbled across a new dip recipe and it’s become my favorite! It’s called “crack” dip because it is SO ADDICTING!! It is 2 Ibs of boneless chicken in the crockpot, 16 oz of cream cheese and you put it on top of the chicken, one package of ranch dressing. Let it cook in the crockpot and then shred the chicken and mix it in. Serve it with tortilla chips and you’ll have people begging for the recipe. 


One thing we always have before any meal at any party is a cheese tray. My girls usually help me put this together but it is full of Boursin cheese, asiago cheese, regular cheddar cheese, grapes, and a few different cracker options.

Before everyone arrives we have a routine in our house. No matter what time of year it is, candles are lit everywhere. One of the girls will go through the house and light all of the candles.  Those combined with the cooking makes the house smell divine! Then once the games start there’s a TV on in every single room.

After all of these years we pretty much have the football party set up down pat but if you’re throwing your first football party, my biggest suggestion would be to make sure that where you’re watching the game is set up well. Have a place for talkers because I can’t stand when people want to talk during the game. You might miss something important!! So be sure to have a separate area for people that aren’t that interested.

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