I have nothing to wear!

I have an odd life, to say the least. My friends and I always joke about how I’m the real Hannah Montana! I really do lead a double life. In a matter of hours, I can go from being on stage in front of thousands of people, to being on a bleacher watching my son play football or my daughter play volleyball! I guess I’ve been living this way for so long that I don’t even think about it anymore. And people I talk to at these “normal life” events will say, “Gosh! I just can’t believe you were in Chicago last night doing a show and now you’re here! How do you do it?” And I just smile and say, “It’s easy if you have a tour bus full of clothes, and someone to do your hair and makeup and dress you!”

But now I have to bring up what is the real challenge for me… and that is, HAVING AN AT-HOME, REAL-LIFE WARDROBE! KK and I literally fight sometimes about my clothes! I will want to take something awesome home to wear in real life, and she won’t let me because she wants it for the shows! There have been times when I’ve come off the road and looked into an empty (almost empty) closet and had NOTHING to wear on a date with my husband or out with friends! So, this year I am determined to build up my real-life wardrobe as much as my show wardrobe! I have recently been on a Free People shopping spree and these are some of the outfits I have come up with! I’m loving my new real-life look and I’m NOT ABOUT TO LET KK take these clothes on the tour bus! Even if I have to have two of some things!!!!

Let me know your favorites! KK went crazy with the photo filters…