On the Road again…

Today was a good day to share about life on the road.

It is now evening. Sara and I are in the front lounge on the bus, which is the living room/kitchen part. She is laying on the shorter of two couches watching (slightly dozing) Family Feud. I am at the table/booth typing away for the blog with Steve Harvey in the background. He cracks me up. And Milly is sleeping in her bunk, rigged with all sorts of gates and curtains and blankets and pillows. All to keep her IN the bunk and completely SAFE. Children on the road is a completely different post altogether. She will most likely only be sleeping for no more than 20 minutes. She tends to wig out on the road. So, I take this precious time and decide to write. We are in Wabash, IN which is an adorable town in Indiana. Small town America at its finest. It is beautifully sunny with heaps and heaps of snow covering the streets.



I think the last check of the temperature put us at -4* F… so needless to say I left my bikini at home. (Who am I kidding? I brought it just in case) Our show tonight is at the Honeywell Center which is in the historic downtown part of Wabash. We call shows like this “An evening with” kind of show, meaning that Sara is the only performer and hopefully the intimate setting makes the audience feels like they had an evening with her. And with how personable she is, I would say they absolutely will.



Today is the first show of a weekend of shows. Milly, my now 10.5 monther, didn’t sleep well last night…part of her wigging out, no doubt. But I always get a kick of adrenaline at the beginning of a run so I will power through the sleepy part of the day. I’m still in jammies so that makes it a little more difficult. However, coffee time on the road can last a few hours so the caffeine is still racing through my veins. Coffee time and after show time are my favorite times on the road. I like to sip and visit. The middle part of the day is hardest because even though I would like to lay around all day and watch movies… It is quite difficult with a baby. It is best to be active. So, Sara and I decided to be adventurous today and check out this town. I see there is a thrift store about 1 block away. I think the sunny weather has fooled us into thinking it is good walking weather. milly


We wrap Milly up in her stroller with blankets galore and head out. Immediately we regret our decision to walk in negative degree Fahrenheit temps and start jogging only to end up in an all out run. We are forced into the first open door we come to… We thus walk (run, actually) right into Modoc’s Market. Shivering, we start looking around, feigning interest until we warm up a bit to continue on our journey. Well, what do you know, we find the most adorable pillows for Sara’s house.




Elephants are all things Alabama football. We start noticing that they are also all things in Modoc’s Market. Come to find out, when the circus came to town a long time ago, the baby elephant Modoc, escaped and he broke into this market because they were roasting peanuts. They called this 1600 lbs elephant a baby elephant. He ate all their peanuts and continued on his way. Legend has it that he was missing for a while and by the time they found him he had lost 800 pounds. Not to worry, he was back up to his weight just a few short weeks later. Read his full story here!




I love small towns and their stories!


It’s almost time to start the “gettin pretty” process. Feel free to read all about that!