Slow me down with some makeup!



First look of the day was the wedding dress look….naturally I wanted to do dark makeup and pale lips. Doesn’t every bride? The wedding dress is a Vera Wang (that’s a noun, you know – not just made by Vera Wang, rather it becomes her) that I borrowed from my dear friend, Karen Kaforey, owner of the most exquisite posh bridal boutique in Nashville, TN, B Hughes. If you want a dress to make you feel like royalty, this is the place to go. Side note… this is also the dress that Kate Hudson wore in Bride Wars, with an added sash. And personally I think Sara fits it better. I am sure you would agree?!?

Usually on video shoots there is a certain amount of frenzy and stress, and this one was no different. We get all jazzed up and head in with Sara wearing this fabulous (and quite expensive) wedding dress, and then Peter Zavadil (video director) informs us that Sara will stand here and they will be pouring wood chips all over her (see pictures above). My heart sinks. Did I mention that I borrowed the dress?  So small particles of wood will be thrown on her for multiple takes…oh goody! But wait, there’s more. After the wood chips, Peter (I assume we are on a first name basis here) wants to do a few takes with feathers. FEATHERS? So far I have small (minuscule) wood particles stuck in the layers upon layers of tulle and now let’s add feathers that, upon hitting the gown, immediately weave a tight “death” grip on the fabric. Yep, these are the glamourous parts of my job, people. One crazy cool perk on video shoots is that they allow me to have some assistants. I get to order people around and be the Boss, so I rather like that a lot. Thus, I graciously allowed my assistants, Alex Stone and Jennifer Jones, to work on that feather/wood chip clean-up task. Sorry Karen!

Where am I? Oh yeah, on to the makeup. Let’s call this look the Diva Bride look. I made some adorable pictures to show you all my tools and then all the eye colors I used.

Diva Bride Look:

1- Take the #217 brush and blend wedge on the eye from crease to the lash. I use this as my base and it helps for blending later.
2- Then I use the Sonia Kashuk brush to pack in plumage from crease down.
3- Then go back with wedge and blend the crease colors together. I like using wedge because it adds warmth to the blue of the plumage.
4- And then I put shroom right below the brow arch.


5- Take Liner brush #263 and line the upper lash line with blacktrack.
6- Apply lashes (a tutorial will eventually follow)
7- Take smudge brush and press carbon onto the fake eyelash/lash line.
8- And then I line the lower eye and waterline with coffee and use the smudge brush to blend it in so that it isn’t a harsh line, more smudge-y.
Why don’t yall try it out and upload a pic in the comment area?