Staying Fit On The Road

Staying fit on the road is not always the easiest thing and It is definitely something that I had to learn how to do. We typically have really good catering with really well balanced meals! I also don’t eat too much on show days because I have to be in full on performance mode. I’ll grab a protein bar to snack on while I work on getting in the right mindset or snack on some fruit.

We do NOT eat fast food on the road. If I had one tip for new artists or any new person on the road it would be DO NOT EAT the cookies that they serve at catering every night. They are tempting but don’t do it! … you’re welcome.

A couple of tips I would give anyone who is trying to get and stay fit would be:

Tip #1 Get plenty of sleep. I get my very best sleep on the road! I don’t have to get up for any reason so the road is where I get caught up on sleep for sure 🙂
Tip #2 Drink plenty of water. I drink at least 5-6 bottles of water a day.
Tip #3 Have cute workout gear. My favorite brand is Lululemon! And It’s always more fun to workout when you are excited about new shoes or workout pants!
Tip #4 Try to never overeat. You can always tell what size proportions you should ACTUALLY be having.

I really enjoy working out with friends. I’ll go and play Tennis or go on a walk with a friend so that we can catch up on our lives. As a family we play A LOT of Ultimate Frisbee which if you have never played is an awesome cardio workout.

Check out a few of my favorite moves, gear, and tricks on my Fitness Pinterest board.