Sunset Marquis

The Sunset Marquis has to be one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen. It is in the heart of Hollywood, CA so we try to stay there whenever we are in LA. We just recently stayed there while in LA for the album photo shoot. What I love about the location is that a CVS is around the corner and you can technically walk to the Beverly Center for some awesome shopping. Ok, well, I walked there and took a cab back. But I saved cab fare and got some exercise!

They have regular hotel rooms and then they have villas. I have had the pleasure of staying in both, however this past trip we all stayed in villas. I could pretty much make one of those villas my home! You know that feeling when you go on vacation and finally feel that you have escaped…that you have left everything else behind, all your cares, worries, and stress leaving your body. Well, this hotel did just that for me. Even though we are in the middle of one of the most bustling cities, you would never know it in this little piece of paradise.

Three things I loved about my stay at the Sunset Marquis:

1. Their beds are heavenly. A mass of crisp white and super soft linens over feathers upon feathers of perfection. When you first see the bed it is made into a mound, since it is so fluffy and the sides are tucked in super tight. You sink right in and feel just like Goldilocks when she finds the “just right” bed.

2. Turkey Burger. Yep, I had it every day I was there. It is $16 but totally worth it, and if you are doing the $40 a day thing…um, just have a Starbucks for breakfast, a clif bar for lunch and have the Turkey Burger with a beer for dinner. Yep! It is still budget friendly! The turkey burger had a spicy guacamole, bacon and bibb lettuce on it that helped in making it the best I have ever had. And the fries are yummy!

3. I put the name and address in the GPS and when I pulled up to the hotel, the GPS welcomed me to the Sunset Mar-kiss! I love a good laugh! The GPS lady always gets my sense of humor!

Check it out for sure: Sunset Marquis


Safe travels,