Take care of your feet!

A lot of the shows I play are festivals. COUNTRY festivals! Meaning, dust and dirt, people in bikinis, and lots and lots of beer drinking! (Not by me, by the fans…)

And, as you can see, our busses are usually parked in grass or on dirt. Every night, either before or after my show, I have a meet and greet where I meet (and greet) about 40-50 people, and take pictures with them. This usually requires a different outfit from my “show clothes.”

These shoes Earth Brand Bay sandals are awesome because most of the meet and greets are in a tent somewhere on festival property, meaning that I have to walk in the grass or dirt to get there! High heels just will not do in this situation!

I almost NEVER agree to wear flats UNLESS I can find some really cute ones like these!


Since I seem to either be chasing Sara, my 2-year-old daughter or my husband, I need comfy shoes. I also struggle with a case of “bad” feet. I need supportive shoes that are stylish! While on tour, we get to visit some pretty awesome places. Just the other day we played in New York City! So, of course, we had to do some sight seeing! Check out the links below and see all the other colors!


Click here for more styles!

May I suggest the camel color in the Petal Sandal! They are so cute!