These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Going out on the road during the holidays is fun but sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on all of the warm holiday cheer that comes with being home.  I miss out on some quality time with the Christmas tree all lit up, my kids cuddled up next to me, and a cup of hot chocolate.  SO, I decided this year that I wanted to take some of those things on the bus with me.


I LOVE Cost Plus World Market. Period. End of story. Haha.  It’s the perfect place for gifts, fun treats, furniture, home decor, and so much more! KK and I had some time to kill a few days ago before we left for a weekend of my “At Christmas” tour, so where did we end up? Cost Plus World Market naturally.  We ended up putting together the cutest basket of goodies to take on the bus with us.  We decided to buy 2 of everything so we could do a giveaway here, so one lucky winner can enjoy all of our cozy Christmas comforts!

Head over to A Real Fine Place Facebook & Twitter to see how you can enter to win this lovely gift basket and enjoy all of the items like we are 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Love, Sara and KK!


The contest is now closed. Thanks for entering!